Fresh Food Containers for Foodies

Fresh Food Containers for Foodies

Here's what savvy foodies are not telling you about Lasting Freshness vacuum food containers. For once, these food containers are healthier for you than other plastic containers out there. Why? There’s no BPA or other potentially harmful chemical additives touching your food. This is super important and commonly overlooked by consumers. Let’s take a look at a list of additional reasons vacuum food containers are superior to conventional non-vacuum food storage methods. Our vacuum seal food container systems: 


  • Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer compared to non-vacuumed food.
  • Remove air and moisture and eliminate freezer burns.
  • Provide an air tight barrier to airborne bacteria, which will drastically eliminate food waste.
  • Open up pores in meat allowing for a quick marinating process in minutes vs hours.
  • Are freezer, fridge, and microwave friendly and give you the freedom to go from the refrigerator to the table all in one dish. Do make sure to properly defrost frozen food before cooking.
  • Are BPA free, re-usable, airtight, spill and leak proof. No battery or electricity needed. Handheld pump is included.

 What food can be stored in Lasting Freshness vacuum seal food containers? Pretty much all of it. Fresh, frozen, dry, or cooked food will stay fresh well beyond its normal life. Whether it’s storing leftovers or weekly meal prepping, reorganizing your pantry, shopping in bulk to conserve money, or storing organic produce from your garden, these vacuum food containers will save you money by cutting down on your food waste. The average household throws away over $3,500 worth of food every year.  Once you start seeing the savings on your grocery bills you won’t imagine storing your food any other way! Get yours today!

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