Parents Love Sterile Disposable Baby Bottles

Parents Love Sterile Disposable Baby Bottles

Three words: peace of mind.

Two words: inner calm.

One word: serenity.

The importance of bottle sterilization should never be underestimated. Young infants have a very limited immune response to certain infections. Gastroenteritis and other infections of the digestive system are potentially serious illnesses for young babies. Such infections are most likely to be picked up from poorly cleaned or poorly sterilized feeding bottles and teats, or incorrectly prepared formula milk. No matter how scrupulous you are in the home, it is very difficult to remove all traces of milk residue and bacteria from feeding bottles, and some home sterilization processes may not completely eliminate such contaminants. We can help. Our exciting single-use bottle ensures your baby drinks from a brand-new sterilized bottle every time he or she feeds.



It's all about making your life easier too. Whether it’s a long journey or you’re on the go, whether it’s an emergency feeding or planned feeding at 3 am, your baby is in good hands with our safe and ready-to-use sterile baby bottles. So convenient you will save so much precious time on bottle cleaning and prep, which can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. These environmentally friendly bottles are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, BPA and phthalate-free.

Our 9-ounce bottles are an ideal size for travel too. The bottles are nested, compact and easily dispensed. This means they won’t take up a lot of room in your diaper or travel bag compared to conventional baby bottles.

Here is what our happy customers are saying:

  • “Finally, I can actually relax on vacation! Wish I found this sooner! No more dragging the bottle sterilizer from hotel to hotel. No more dirty bottles in the diaper bag. No more washing bottles in the hotel sink. WIN WIN 🤗”
  • “Easy and Convenient. I bought these for an international flight with my one-year-old. I used them on a layover and it was nice to be able to just toss the bottle before getting on the plane. Then, when arrived at my final destination, I used them because I was too jet lagged to wash all of my baby's other bottles. They're a lifesaver for long trips. I'm going to always keep a few on hand for this purpose.”
  • “The ease of feeding!! Took them to Disney World for my 10-month-old. Best idea ever! I was able to just fill it up, feed and be done with it! No hassle trying to rinse bottle in a germ-infested restroom. Highly recommend for traveling!”

Award winner for the best innovative feeding product in 2018 Loved by Parents contest. Third party laboratory verification guarantees your baby bottles are safe, clean, and sterile. Safely feed your baby without delay any time, any place.


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