Good to know:

Lasting Freshness container lids are designed to work with OR without the support buckles in locked position. The buckles are designed to reinforce the container and are not required for an optimal vacuum seal. If any or all of the support buckles should become unlocked during use, please know the vacuum seal will continue to hold until it is released. This is because the vacuum seal is entirely facilitated by our proprietary valve (with pumping action) and silicone gasket. For additional support, please contact Lasting Freshness customer service at 847-742-7700.

Quick Tips:

Click HERE to download our User Manual. 

If a container appears to lose its seal for no apparent reason, please remove and re-insert the gasket (the silicone band around the perimeter of the lid) and valve (located in the center of the lid). You can also wash these components as an added precaution. In our experience, it's possible that some products could require re-calibration prior to use, or if they don't work as intended out of box.  

How to determine a bad valve? You can take the valve from a container lid that is functioning as expected and swap it with the container lid that is not functioning as expected. If the transplanted valve holds after the swap, it is a good indication the original valve was either seated incorrectly or faulty. You can repeat the process as needed. We do offer replacement valves upon request.   

How to determine a faulty gasket? We recommend the same process as the valve swap. We also recommend washing the components first in order to remove any debris unseen by the naked eye.   

What are the functions of Lasting Freshness? How are Lasting Freshness products used?

Lasting Freshness vacuum glass and plastic containers and vacuum freezer bags work as a food preserver as well as a storage solution.

Containers can be used for all aspects of food, including storing bulk produce, meat, and fish, storing leftovers, helping to marinate or pickle food, or planning your weekly meals. Vacuum freezer bags are designed to freeze food until you are ready to use, giving you the ability to buy in bulk, avoid freezer burn, and have the same quality as freshly bought meat or produce. Glass containers are perfect from freezer/fridge to oven/microwave to table concept.

How can I get the best results with Lasting Freshness products?

Always start by making sure your product is clean and all the components are in place before locking the lid buckles and pumping. 

If you feel the air is drawing back into the container during pumping, it could be the pump is sticking to the valve (due to suction). This could cause lift on the valve, allowing air to rush back into the container. To avoid this effect, you need to withdraw the pump straight up with a slight twist and not allow the pump to tip to one side.

A good rule of thumb is to pump until the lid depresses and you feel a good amount of resistance. Each container's capacity is different; therefore, the pumping times are different as well. But be careful not to over-pump, especially if the container was recently removed from the refrigerator. The larger containers may require more pumping due to their size. These sizes may require more extraction than the smaller containers, so look for that depression in the lid then stop. 

When not in use, keep containers, bags and vacuum pump clean and dry. Containers, lids and pump are dishwasher safe. You do not need to take valve and/or gasket out from the lids before washing them. If you feel vacuum is no longer holding up then most likely you have some food debris stuck in the valve and/or gasket. Remove these and wash them thoroughly. Bags need to be hand washed.

How do I unseal the Lasting Freshness products?

To release the vacuum pressure on the container, press down or gently lift up the button in the middle of the lid. This will depend on the style of valve you're using. The lid should be easy to remove once you have released the air pressure and unclipped the hinges. For the bags, simply open the bag.

What foods can be stored with Lasting Freshness products?

Lasting Freshness is a storage- functioning vacuum containers and vacuum freezer bags, and is usable for all types of food. If placing a powdery substance in the container or a bag, place it in a plastic bag or other container first, as the powder may interfere with the vacuum function of Lasting Freshness.

Do I have to store my container in the refrigerator?

The Lasting Freshness container does NOT substitute the use of a refrigerator, and all foods in the container should be stored according to their recommended storage temperature. Regardless of the food that is placed in the Lasting Freshness container, perishable items should be placed in a refrigerator and dry foods can be stored at room temperature.

What is the recommended amount of food I should put inside the vacuum freezer bags?

Our vacuum freezer bags come in various sizes and are most effective when filled between 50% and 95% capacity.

How long will the Lasting Freshness products keep my food fresh?

It depends on the freshness of your food before its placed in the container or vacuum freezer bag. Additionally, the Lasting Freshness containers and bags must be sealed properly. In general, if you are able to seal the product successful, you should be able to double or triple the shelf life within the vacuum sealed containers or freezer bags in the refrigerator. If you place in the freezer, it will stay fresh well beyond that.

What kitchen uses are the Lasting Freshness containers safe for?

The vacuum containers are refrigerator safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, and are BPA free. Our vacuum freezer bags are refrigerator and freezer safe.

Caution: Do not microwave the containers for more than 3 minutes and/or when the container is vacuum sealed.