Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage System provides unique and affordable food storage solutions that extend the life of fresh, frozen, dry or cooked food well beyond its normal life. The incorporation of a patented hand operated vacuum system provides convenient and quick food preservation without the need for bulky and expensive electric systems.

Facts about Food Waste

What does wasting food cost an average family?

Cost $28-$43 per person per month
40% of edible food wasted, 20lbs per month on average
Average family throws away $150 to $300 a month in what started as fresh food

Possible savings with Lasting Freshness Containers and Freezer Bags

When our containers are used properly, you can almost double the amount of time of freshness. For some things, food can stay fresh 4-5 times longer.

For example, let’s say you spend $10 on lettuce every week ($520 a year), and by the end of the week you throw out 1/3 of the lettuce because it has spoiled. Using our containers could mean that you would be able to spend $10 every 2 weeks, thus saving $260 in a year while using something that is washable and reusable.

Our product also gives you the ability to buy things in bulk, thus saving you money right away. Instead of buying a 2pk of boneless chicken breasts for $4.99 a pound, by a 12pk for $3.49 per pound, keep 4 in the refrigerator for use that week, and then freeze the rest in our vacuum sealed freezer bags for use when you are ready, all while keeping the freshness in, and the freezer burn away.

While you are saving money on your food budget every month, you are also going to be helping the environment as food waste uses or costs the following

25% of all freshwater used in US
4% of total US Oil Consumption
750 million expense to dispose wasted food per year
33 million tons of landfill waste (leading to greenhouse emissions)

Using this patented handheld Vacuum System your food is preserved up to 5 times longer than food stored using conventional grocery storage methods.