Freezer Seal Bags | 10 Piece SAVE IT Food Saver Bag Kit


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EXCELLENT DEEP FREEZER CAPABILITY: Vacuum seal reduces freezer burn by preventing food from exposure to cold, dry air.  Using this patented handheld vacuum food storage system your food is preserved up to 5 times longer than food stored using conventional grocery storage methods.

REUSABLE SOUS VIDE BAGS: Features double zipper, thick wall polybag, comes with plastic clip to help you seal your food bag. Designed for sous vide cooking methods. BPA free. Stop buying refill rolls single-use sous vide bags today.

FISHING, CANNING, HUNTING, CAMPING, BOATING: Convenient and affordable for multitasking purposes. Vacuum seal provides oxygen and moisture barrier limiting growth of airborne bacteria and fungi. Great for buying or cooking in bulk, portion off for later, store leftovers. No battery or electricity needed.

VACUUM SEAL QUICK MARINATOR: Marinate in minutes vs hours. Vacuum seal opens the pores of food allowing marinades to penetrate more quickly. Reusable, compact, airtight and watertight seal, spill proof. Microwave, Dishwasher (upper rack), Refrigerator and Freezer safe.

LOWER YOUR FOOD WASTE TODAY and save money! Eco-Friendly. Retain freshness and nutritional value of your refrigerated, frozen and pantry foods without the expense of bulky food saver vacuum sealers. Once you'll start seeing these savings on your grocery bills you can't imagine storing your food any other way. Make sure to match your sets accordingly. 

Customer Reviews

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Just received my package today, the quality of the 1.5gt dish is amazing... Tight seal, durable plastic. I haven't marinated anything yet but soon as I do I'll leave another review! I'm so excited to get these.


These make your own reusable bag disks work really well. When I pump out the air, the contents become rock hard, the vacuum suction is so strong. The rods work well, too, if the bag doesn't have its own closure. I would however, like to have some that are longer, because for larger bags, they are too small to fit across them. If you try folding the end of the bag, to make the rods fit across the bag, the bag may then be too thick for the rods to stay closed. I'd like to see some of the rods be around 12-13 inches, so that they could fit across standard vacuum sealer bags like the ones I use for my vacuum sealer. As an aside, I have both a electric vacuum and the hand held vacuum containers made by Lasting Freshness. These work great and if I didn't already have my electric one, I might not have bothered getting one. So, five stars for their containers as well.

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