11 pc Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set | Hand Held Vacuum Food System | Deep Freezer Food Storage Sealer | Quick Seal Marinator


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DURABLE (5) stackable and re-usable vacuum food containers, (5) locking snap lids with latches and (1) Handheld Pump. Set contains: (1) 220ml/ 8oz ; 1) 500ml/ 18 oz; (1) 1.0L/ 1.1 Qt; (1) 2.0L/ 2.1 Qt; (1) 3.3L/ 3.5 Qt. Using this patented handheld vacuum food storage system your food is preserved up to 5 times longer than food stored using conventional grocery storage methods.

VACUUM SEAL QUICK MARINATOR- marinate in minutes vs hours. Vacuum seal opens the pores of food allowing marinades to penetrate more quickly. Reusable, compact, airtight and watertight seal, spill proof even if all 4 tabs becomes unbuckled. Microwave, Dishwasher (lids upper rack, pump hand wash), Refrigerator and Freezer safe.

EXCELLENT DEEP FREEZER CAPABILITY- vacuum seal reduces freezer burn by preventing food from exposure to cold, dry air. Removable valve and gasket designed for easy cleaning. Made in Taiwan. BPA free and FDA approved.

FISHING, CANNING, HUNTING, CAMPING, BOATING- convenient and affordable for multitasking purposes. Vacuum seal provides oxygen and moisture barrier limiting growth of airborne bacteria and fungi. Great for buying or cooking in bulk, portion off for later, store leftovers. No battery or electricity needed.

LOWER YOUR FOOD WASTE TODAY and save money! Eco-Friendly. Retain freshness and nutritional value of your refrigerated, frozen and pantry foods without the expense of bulky food saver vacuum sealers. Once you'll start seeing these savings on your grocery bills you can't imagine storing your food any other way.


Good To Know:

Make sure to match your sets accordingly. Coral color lids will not work with Green pump and vs versa